Hollywood Facial
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Hollywood Facial targets:
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The Hollywood Facial rejuvenate the skin to combat the signs of ageing, facial flushing, redness, sun damage, acne and general dullness of the skin.
What is Hollywood Facial?
Hollywood Facial

One treatment is equivalent to four chemical peels + is refreshing, rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. A light layer of Spectra carbon lotion is applied to your skin and left to set for 15 minutes. The Spectra laser is then passed over the carbon, blasting off the dried solution, taking with it dead skin and impurities.

The Hollywood Peel benefits are:

  • instantly resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin creating a radiant, glowing complexion, while heating and stimulating collagen.
  • The peel minimizes enlarged pores, inflammatory acne, fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone. 
  • The Hollywood Peel also treats active acne, early red scars, and redness associated with acne. It shrinks oil glands, drying it up and killing bacteria that causes acne. 
  • It is also very effective at treating Rosacea and facial flushing. 

 The effects are immediate as well as long term, and it’s gentle enough to be performed every 2-3 weeks.

All The Details
+ - How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You will see immediate results after your first Hollywood Laser Peel Facial. However, like most treatments the benefits are cummlative and we will recommend a series of multiple treatment sessions to get optimal, long-lasting results. You will also need to undergo repeated treatments a few times a year to maintain the positive effects of your Hollywood Laser Peel. 

+ - Does a Hollywood Facial Hurt?

No. Patients may hear some snapping sounds as the laser moves across the surface of the skin, but it does not hurt. Patients report feeling only warmth and mild tingling, but the treatment is comfortable and does not require any anesthetic. Some even say it feels like a feather tickling their face.

+ - Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

The Hollywood Laser Peel® is designed to rejuvenate the skins appearance by diminishing the signs of aging and repairing wrinkled or sun damaged skin. It also corrects uneven skin pigmentation and reduces age spots, sunspots and other unwanted discoloration.

Additionally, it refines the appearance of pores and reduces acne and scars. And its mild exfoliation leaves skin softer and smoother skin texture, for a visibly glowing, more radiant appearance. This is why celebrities love it before appearing on the red carpet!

+ - How Much Does a Hollywood Facial Cost?

Hollywood Facials can be used to help address multiple skincare concerns and requires a consultation appointment to determine treatment plan and pricing. 

Consultations at Beyond Esthetics are complimentary.

+ - What Is The Downtime?

The lasers are gentle on your skin so no downtime is needed. You can return to your regular activities or resume your normal duties immediately after your treatment. 

This is another reason it is loved by actors and influencers – for an instant appearance boost before A-list appearances.

+ - How Soon Will I See Results?

A Hollywood Laser Peel is an exfoliating and resurfacing laser treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin pigment and acne. It promotes glowing, youthful-looking skin. 

The effect of this treatment is immediate. However, depending on severity of condition {acne, melasma} you are treating you will need multiple treatments. We would happy to create a treatment plan for you so you know how many treatments you may need before you begin.

+ - What Skin Types Can Be Treated?

This non-invasive treatment is safe and effective on all skin types. However, your skin needs to be healthy or only mildly damaged to get the full benefits of this laser skin rejuvenation treatment. You will also need to be in general good health to undergo this treatment. See Pre/Post for more details.

+ - How Does The Hollywood Facial Work?

First, a layer of carbon-based lotion – resembling a mud mask – is applied to the skin. Next, once the mask is set, a laser is moved over the skin to eliminate skin imperfections two ways.

Specific laser frequencies target the color in the unwanted pigmentation, disintegrating the pigmented cells while leaving the rest of the surrounding skin unharmed. Over time the destroyed cells will by naturally removed by the body overtime – reducing or eliminating age spots, sunspots, dark spots melasma, and other discolorations and signs of aging.

But the Spectra™ Hollywood Laser Peel® doesn’t stop there! By heating the skin, the laser heat energy stimulates the renewed production of collagen and elastin. The newly developed collagen fibers strengthen, smooth and tighten the skin, eliminating lines and wrinkles. And the renewed elastin restores elasticity to the skin, so it “snaps back” in place like it did when you were young – eliminating sagging and wrinkling.

Additionally, as the Spectra™ laser moves over the skin, it removes the carbon mask layer along with a very fine layer of the epidermis (top layer of skin cells). This exfoliation immediately reveals the younger, smoother skin cells beneath – for instant glow and refreshing of the complexion.

Don't Take Our Word For It
Here’s what our patients have to say about this service.

"I love the Hollywood facial!! It made my face tickle a bit but, it was honestly very relaxing. My face has been glowing ever since I’ve got it done and I’ve gotten quite a few complaints about it!!! I would definitely do it again"!!

- Maggie

"I absolutely loved the Hollywood facial. The process was so easy and quick and I had no redness or irritation from it. My results were great. I feel like my skin is smoother and most dramatically, my acne scars and sun spots were greatly reduced! I definitely will make this part of my skincare regimen".

- Shanna

"I would like to rave for a moment about the Hollywood Facial I received last week. It was truly painless and resulted in super smooth skin with no pores visible! My skin looks and feels wonderful. Ladies, treat yourself to something special"!

- Cinde

"The Hollywood facial was quick and easy. It felt like a tiny shock when it first went on my face but it didn’t hurt or burn! The results were amazing even right after it was done you could see such a difference. I was glowing and my face felt so smooth! This didn’t last just right after but for a few weeks you could still notice the difference from the before pictures to the after. 10/10 recommend getting it done"! 

- Olivia

I look forward to my monthly dermaplane facials I receive from Tonya with my monthly membership. I've also had the Hollywood facials with Angel and my skin is looking great! Every time I stop in to see Angel, I have her give me a boost with a B12 vitamin shot.

- Brandy

Beyond Esthetics is the best!! Tonya and all the staff are awesome! I struggle with acne (cystic deep painful acne) and they have always gone above and beyond to help me! What has helped me most recently is the Hollywood Spectra facial. I have had multiple Hollywood Spectra facials now and my acne is 100 times better! My pores have been minimized and my skin texture has improved tremendously. After my first treatment I could tell a difference but after several treatments I have no more cystic acne at all! It also has helped my fine lines and wrinkles which has been an added bonus! If you do it for acne give it a few treatments as acne develops under the skin first and then comes to surface. So if you’re like me then you probably have some that have not surfaced yet. But I will definitely never stop getting Hollywood Spectra Facials as a preventative for my acne! I am so grateful for all the help they have given me to deal with my acne!

- Sasha
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