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Fun With Friends
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Picture Perfect
Homecoming, prom, weddings or any other big event... We would love to help you feel your best!
What is Event Makeup?
Event Makeup


Don't Take Our Word For It
Here’s what our patients have to say about this service.

I got my makeup done by Maria Gallo and it was the most wonderful service. She was very nice and gentle and matched what I wanted as a customer. Along with keeping nice talk and making sure my needs were satisfied throughout my appointment. She made me look so good for homecoming for such good prices!

- Meredith

Maria did my makeup for homecoming and she was the absolute sweetest!  I had the best experience with her. She took her time and showed me each step afterwards to make sure I liked it.  She is so talented!

- Liz

Maria Gallo did makeup application for my 15 year old daughter for 2 separate Homecoming dances. She did a beautiful job! It was glamorous and tasteful looking without too over the top. Highly recommend!!

- Heather
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