PRP Microneedling
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PRP Microneedling targets:
{"Id":1,"Name":"Acne","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":1},"Image":{"Id":201,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":1,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Li4Wp8Znwvw1Vjixzfu2Dccp6Hxruu-Metaywnuzv8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:40:17.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:40:17.000000Z"}} Image
{"Id":6,"Name":"Brighten Skin","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":6},"Image":{"Id":204,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":6,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Fru63Hxs7Gzdtcrr4Fiykpviuzjr9Q-Metaynjpz2H0Zw5Fc2Tpbl8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:41:52.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:41:52.000000Z"}} Image
Brighten Skin
{"Id":11,"Name":"Cellular Turnover","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":11},"Image":{"Id":209,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":11,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/1Ptf8Ta70Ygrliqpoofels6Grubqsm-Metay2Vsbhvsyxjfdhvybm92Zxjfmjuwlnbuzw==-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:44:03.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:44:03.000000Z"}} Image
Cellular Turnover
{"Id":13,"Name":"Collagen Inducing","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":13},"Image":{"Id":211,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":13,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Xrhp0Uupolexgibqsput6O9Gm8J248-Metay29Sbgfnzw5Faw5Kdwnpbmdfmjuwlnbuzw==-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:45:06.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:45:06.000000Z"}} Image
Collagen Inducing
{"Id":21,"Name":"Fine Lines","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":21},"Image":{"Id":219,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":21,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/0Rqogdhm6Puwb3Rmshbreu7Mczhyp6-Metazmluzv9Saw5Lc193Cmlua2Xlc18Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:48:35.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:48:35.000000Z"}} Image
Fine Lines
{"Id":35,"Name":"Mild Resurfacing","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":35},"Image":{"Id":233,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":35,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Wfs2Dahslfklwabae7M61B3Cnujxds-Metabwlszf9Yzxn1Cmzhy2Luz18Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:57:03.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:57:03.000000Z"}} Image
Mild Resurfacing
{"Id":40,"Name":"Pigmentation Issues","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":40},"Image":{"Id":238,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":40,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/83Njfrhkk2Hrvp0Inqtqftfh7Mfi9B-Metacglnbwvudgf0Aw9Ux2Lzc3Vlc18Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:59:50.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:59:50.000000Z"}} Image
Pigmentation Issues
{"Id":41,"Name":"Pore Size","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":41},"Image":{"Id":239,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":41,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/2Wsl3Yeijhhw9Tcon8Kjfembtawrxn-Metacg9Yzv9Zaxplxzi1Mc5Wbmc=-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:00:09.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:00:09.000000Z"}} Image
Pore Size
{"Id":56,"Name":"Stretch Marks And Scars","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":56},"Image":{"Id":256,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":56,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/G0Lyhtajwsvcku1Dqqcwcxwxdi5Asw-Metac3Ryzxrjaf9Tyxjrc19Zy2Fyc18Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:12:18.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:12:18.000000Z"}} Image
Stretch Marks and Scars
{"Id":59,"Name":"Tightens Skin","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":19,"Treatment Id":59},"Image":{"Id":251,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":59,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Vuwsmd3Larnlrwcpglue4Fygjpklbd-Metac2Tpbl90Awdodgvuaw5Nxzi1Mc5Wbmc=-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:09:33.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:09:33.000000Z"}} Image
Tightens Skin
Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that pricks the skin. This stimulates extra collagen production, which can help heal scars and reduce signs of aging. PRP uses part of the blood from the person having the procedure to rejuvenate the skin.
What is PRP Microneedling?
PRP Microneedling

Practitioners may use microneedling with PRP to treat:

  • acne scars
  • surgical scars
  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • hyperpigmentation
  • sun damage
  • large pores
  • uneven skin texture

The addition of PRP to microneedling may speed up the healing process and stimulate skin renewal, potentially producing better results than microneedling alone.

All The Details
+ - How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments that a person receives will vary. People may need repeat treatments to see results from Microneedling with PRP. We recommend a series of at least 3 treatments. Larger scars may take longer to respond to this treatment. 

+ - Does PRP Microneedling Hurt?

We want all our beauties to enjoy their treatments. We will use medical grade topical numbing cream for this treatment. We also offer Pro-Nox to assist with any anxiety you may have. See Pro-Nox page for all the details.

+ - Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

Microneedling with PRP may not be suitable during pregnancy or for people with certain conditions or other risk factors, including those who have:

  • used or are using isotretinoin to treat acne
  • active acne
  • skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea
  • a history of scarring or bruising easily
  • a platelet or blood disorder
  • had major surgery within the last 6 months
  • HIV
  • a chronic illness
  • an infection on the face, such as herpes

If any of these apply to you, let our NP know before treatment. 

+ - How Much Does PRP Microneedling Cost?

PRP Microneedling requires a consultation appointment to determine treatment plan and pricing. 

Consultations at Beyond Esthetics are complimentary.

+ - What Is The Downtime?

Recovery from microneedling is usually quick. People may experience some soreness and tenderness immediately after the treatment. The area may also have redness, and there may be some mild bruising, which usually clears within 3 days. See Post Treatment under the Resources tab for aftercare instructions.

+ - How Soon Will I See Results?

Microneedling with PRP can also take a few weeks to show results, as the body takes time to produce collagen. As a result, people might see results in the first week but can expect to keep seeing improvements in their skin in the weeks following their treatment.

+ - What Areas Can Be Treated?

Microneedling (with or without PRP) can improve a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkling
  • Sun damage
  • Scarring caused by surgery or stretch marks
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin's tone and texture

If you have severe or large areas to be treated, we might recommend Opus Plasma or Morpheus8 Body.

Don't Take Our Word For It
Here’s what our patients have to say about this service.

Okay so all I’m wearing right now is tinted moisturizer SPF (Alastin hydratint) and mascara and THIS is what my skin looks like….. I’m shook! Normally I wear concealer, mineral powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter… this PRP and Tonya’s brow artistry has made me a natural/minimal makeup girl!!

- Ashley

Beyond Estetics has been a life changer for me.  All women need a place to go where they can feel at home and never judged. And this is the place, the staff is exceptional.  I began going about a year ago for dermaplane cryo-facials. I was then introduced to Microneedling with PRP.  They can actually pull all the good stuff from your own body and put it back into your face for amazing results. The first treatment I noticed a tightening in my face smoothing all over and a lot of fine lines and wrinkles just seem to disappear and it just got better as time went on. The second treatment I even noticed even more some of the deeper lines were fading In my skin felt plump and just overall amazing.  Can't wait for my third treatment.  It is definitely an option for someone who doesn't want to go to extreme but just wants to look and feel good about themselves. 

- Amanda

The ladies are so helpful and very easy to work with!
Kelly - especially, is very supportive with whatever you want to try!

- Leann

Wonderful place ! My sister and I started our journey to "a better me" about 6 months ago, and all we can say is Wow!! What a great experience!! The entire staff is warm and welcoming  and made us both feel special and comfortable. Thank you all!!

- Christine
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