Customizable Facials
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{"Id":1,"Name":"Acne","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":1},"Image":{"Id":201,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":1,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Li4Wp8Znwvw1Vjixzfu2Dccp6Hxruu-Metaywnuzv8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:40:17.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:40:17.000000Z"}} Image
{"Id":6,"Name":"Brighten Skin","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":6},"Image":{"Id":204,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":6,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Fru63Hxs7Gzdtcrr4Fiykpviuzjr9Q-Metaynjpz2H0Zw5Fc2Tpbl8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:41:52.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:41:52.000000Z"}} Image
Brighten Skin
{"Id":8,"Name":"Brown Spots","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":8},"Image":{"Id":206,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":8,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Upgygeivsylqvmfkxv6Qimee2Mfu6L-Metaynjvd25Fc3Bvdhnfmjuwlnbuzw==-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:42:33.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:42:33.000000Z"}} Image
Brown Spots
{"Id":11,"Name":"Cellular Turnover","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":11},"Image":{"Id":209,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":11,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/1Ptf8Ta70Ygrliqpoofels6Grubqsm-Metay2Vsbhvsyxjfdhvybm92Zxjfmjuwlnbuzw==-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:44:03.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:44:03.000000Z"}} Image
Cellular Turnover
{"Id":21,"Name":"Fine Lines","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":21},"Image":{"Id":219,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":21,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/0Rqogdhm6Puwb3Rmshbreu7Mczhyp6-Metazmluzv9Saw5Lc193Cmlua2Xlc18Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:48:35.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:48:35.000000Z"}} Image
Fine Lines
{"Id":34,"Name":"Mild Exfoliation","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":34},"Image":{"Id":232,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":34,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Sxh4Tjuepvac0D9Ftr33Rr1Emvssi3-Metabwlszf9Legzvbglhdglvbl8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:55:20.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:55:20.000000Z"}} Image
Mild Exfoliation
{"Id":40,"Name":"Pigmentation Issues","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":40},"Image":{"Id":238,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":40,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/83Njfrhkk2Hrvp0Inqtqftfh7Mfi9B-Metacglnbwvudgf0Aw9Ux2Lzc3Vlc18Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T13:59:50.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T13:59:50.000000Z"}} Image
Pigmentation Issues
{"Id":41,"Name":"Pore Size","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":41},"Image":{"Id":239,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":41,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/2Wsl3Yeijhhw9Tcon8Kjfembtawrxn-Metacg9Yzv9Zaxplxzi1Mc5Wbmc=-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:00:09.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:00:09.000000Z"}} Image
Pore Size
{"Id":57,"Name":"Sun Damage","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":57},"Image":{"Id":257,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":57,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Wm5J5Fkglipupw2Sxshefdh3L83I3N-Metac3Vux2Rhbwfnzv8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:12:44.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:12:44.000000Z"}} Image
Sun Damage
{"Id":58,"Name":"Temporarily Tightens Skin","Description":Null,"Created At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T00:44:16.000000Z","Pivot":{"Service Id":11,"Treatment Id":58},"Image":{"Id":258,"Imageable Type":"App\\Models\\Treatment","Imageable Id":58,"Url":"Images\/Treatments\/Zkpcqfcg7Vq5Tuzgo0Liwjgcs1Y80L-Metadgvtcg9Yyxjpbhlfdglnahrlbnnfc2Tpbl8Yntaucg5N-.Png","Tag":"Treatment","Created At":"2022-04-11T14:13:07.000000Z","Updated At":"2022-04-11T14:13:07.000000Z"}} Image
Temporarily Tightens Skin
Facials should never be a one-size fits all solution. Custom facials fit your skincare concerns and can address a variety of needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion.
What are Customizable Facials?
Customizable Facials

Skin care is the best way to protect the investment you’re making in your face. Whether you get a tox treatment, fillers or any of our other treatments, regular facials along with a complete at-home skin care routine can make or break your amazing results.

Services that can be included in your customizable facial:

  • Dermaplane
  • Age defying & Anti-aging facial
  • Cleansing & Relaxation facial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent
  • Oxygen infusion treatment
  • Hot stones
All The Details
+ - What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis.

Dead, flaky skin cells are gently exfoliated by dispersing crystals evenly and comfortably to reveal a healthier glow and renewed skin.

This simple, non-invasive technique improves the overall texture, clarity, and tone of the skin.

Removal of the surface layer of the skin allows for better product penetration to treat various types of skin conditions.

Advantages of Microdermabrasion:

• Leaves little/no redness

• No chemicals, incisions or lasers

• Rejuvenates your skin to an optimal healthy state

• Individualized treatments

• No downtime

• Results are immediate

• Affordable

• Suitable to most skin types

+ - What Is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent increases production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in our body.

ATP is a chemical energy carrier in all living cells and the fundamental source of energy for muscle contraction.

By stimulating production of ATP in the muscle fibers, microcurrent can plump slack muscles.

Microcurrent allows enhanced fibroblast activity (collagen) and protein synthesis (elastin).

Benefits of Microcurrent Are:

Fine lines 


Loose skin

Collagen stimulation

Firms and lifts muscle fibers

Cost of Microcurrent Series:

Correction: 2x per week for 6 weeks / $600

Maintenance: 1x per month / $60

+ - What Is Oxygen Infusion Treatment?

Oxygen Infusion Treatment is an amazing new treatment that can literally breathe new life into your skin. Using pure oxygen therapy not only provides immediate and visible results to all skin types, but can continue to improve the overall health, texture, hydration and elasticity of your skin.

+ - How Much Does It Cost?

We offer a 30 or 60 minute customizable facials:

  • 30 minutes = $70 
  • 60 minutes = $110 Go ahead and be extra with this more customizable facial that includes some extra love + some massaging. Your provider will take extra time on any step unique to your skin care needs.
Don't Take Our Word For It
Here’s what our patients have to say about this service.

Tonya has welcomed us with care and has lovingly helped my 12 year daughter with her acne and scarring....all of which has increased her self esteem. Tonya is so kind, caring and personable, but most of all knowledgeable.  She wants you to get the best results.

- Christina

"I have seen Tonya now 3 times for dermaplanes. I have also been battling with acne issues a lot lately and she has been so helpful. I feel like each time she has customized a facial for what I need and done my dermaplane. I also love that she educates me and gives me tips while I’m there too. I love going there bc I feel like she takes the time to see what’s going on with my skin and doesn’t just give me a “cookie cutter” facial, she’s does what I need at the time."

- Sasha

"Tonya is fantastic! 60 minutes of a slice of heaven!"

- Laura

Beyond Esthetics is exactly what the name states “Beyond”. The staff is always professional, friendly and well versed in what services are available. 

I have benefitted from the monthly dermaplaning keeping my aging face fresh and free from the “sprouting” that takes place as we age! Thanks Faith. 

I am a migraine sufferer and Matt, Tonya, Angel and Kelly listened intently and consulted. Then implemented a plan to help bring relief to me thru neurotoxin! 

Peaceful, Relaxed and Friendly environment to receive professional services. Bringing forth that total wellness, wholeness of oneness feeling! 

- Barb

Great environment!!! Have gotten many facials from Tonya and love them every time!!

- Isabelle

I so love this place. They are so professional and they really care about their customer.

- Annette

I always look forward to my facials with Tonya. The atmosphere is very professional and relaxing. All of the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming.

- Jennifer

I first met Tonya about 3 months ago and scheduled an hour long custom facial. She is so knowledgeable and provides great education on services, why one choice is better compared to another, products available etc. It was such a relaxing, therapeutic visit that I signed up for a monthly membership that same day. All the staff are so friendly and helpful!

- Patty
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