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Remove lip wrinkles + get results that make you smile more!

Restylane® Kysse is for lip augmentation and for correction of upper perioral wrinkles.

Restylane Kysse is the first hyaluronic acid (HA) filler specifically indicated for the lips using XpresHAn Technology™ (pronounced ex-ˈspre-shan’) globally referred to as the OBT technology (Optimal Balance Technology). Restylane Kysse is proven to last for up to 1 year with high levels of patient satisfaction for people with lips that have changed due to the aging process or for those seeking natural-looking, fuller lips.

This client was more concerned with correcting the deep lines around her lips, and not adding a lot of volume to the lips! The top right photo shows an up close view before, compare that to the bottom right photo! The client was thrilled!


Purchase ONE syringe of Kysse and receive 30 FREE UNITS of Dyport!
A $100 value!

Ways to schedule:

Quantities are limited

Dysport must be used at a single appointment

Must mention special when scheduling

Botox Injectables

Natural lips can now have a fuller, poutier look!


The Botox treatment that helps relax the top lip and “flip” it out, revealing a less gummy smile

4 units of Botox were injected into the upper lip allowing the muscles to relax and roll slightly upward, permitting more of the upper lip to be visible


What is a lip flip:
  • As the name implies, the Botox lip flip involves using Botox to enhance the upper lip
  • Just a few quick injections can help the upper lip relax and roll slightly upward, which allows more of the upper lip to be visible
  • It is a great alternative to fillers for patients who want a more subtle treatment than filler provides

How does it work:
  • To perform a Botox lip flip, our injectable specialists make a series of injections just above the upper lip
  • Botox temporarily relaxes the part of the muscle over the upper lip, causing the lip to roll slightly upward so it appears more voluminous and defined
  • This muscle relaxation can also help smooth vertical lines around the lips
  • Most patients notice the effects within a few days of treatment, with full results in about one week
  • The effects of Botox for lips lasts around three to four months

Can I use this instead of filler
  • The Botox lip flip isn’t a substitute for lip fillers
  • We inject for both lip flip and lip filler. A lip flip will not actually add any volume to the lips, it simply gives the appearance of volume


Try a lip flip if:
  • You would like a subtly more prominent “pout” to your lips
  • You feel your upper lip looks invisible when you smile
  • You want fuller-looking lips but do not want additional volume
  • You want a more temporary treatment {approximately 3 months}

You might be happier with filler if:
  • You would like additional volume in the upper and/or lower lip
  • You would like to address more severe vertical lip lines
  • You would like to improve overall lip shape and symmetry
  • You want a longer-lasting lip enhancement (6-12 months)

Lip Flip/Gummy Smile takes between 2 and 6 units of Botox