Permanent Makeup

Look your best + feel more confident with stunning, easy makeup!

Do you want to stop spending so much time and effort creating the perfect, most precise eyeliner or filling in your brows, only to realize they look a little too artificial? Maybe, you would like to go swimming or boating this summer or even just work out in your yard without worrying about washing or sweating your makeup away!

Have you been considering permanent cosmetics application? There are so many reasons you might be considering this, and Tonya Goulding; Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and Trainer is the perfect person to help answer all your questions and walk you through the world of PERMANENT MAKEUP!


  • Avoid blood thinners- even things like aspirin- as many as 3 days before the procedure to minimize potential bleeding. If you are prescribed blood thinners, please consult with your doctor before stopping your medication
  • Avoid eyelash growth enhancing products as these products dramatically increase blood flow
  • If you have a serious illness that compromises your immune system’s ability to heal, check with your doctor in advance
  • If you’re pregnant or nursing, you should wait to have permanent makeup done
  • Remove any lash extensions up to a week before your permanent eyeliner. This will ensure all glue residue is gone and won’t interfere with the ink on your lash line
  • Contact lenses shouldn’t be worn to the appointment


We will block out approximately 2 hours for your appointment. This includes time for your questions, filling out paperwork, getting you numb and going over aftercare instructions

How long permanent makeup lasts can vary widely, to keep it looking fabulous, most clients come back for touchups every one to three years. Everyone’s skin is different so there are no exacts, but keep in mind your first touch up is include in the initial price!


Still have questions? Tonya will be happy to do a consultation with you before scheduling! No risk, no commitment! We want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident with your decision regarding permanent makeup!